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Acer Aspire One AOcc Copper LU.SBT.AMD,V/ b / b / ATIHD/ WiFi / HDMI / Cam / ell / XGA / Win Starter

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We have written on and on about these small machines with compact cases, respectively small displays, long battery life, and low prices. Such tiny PCs are considered mobile demi-gods which allow users easy internet access on the go and use of office programs for affordable prices. However, there are enough reasons against the purchase of such netbooks: sellers are just out for profit, the customers are dissatisfied with the performance of the devices, and for the same price the buyer can buy a bigger device with a higher performance.

Для своих клиентов мы предлагаем самые доступные цены на аккумуляторные устройства. Это обусловлено нашим тесным сотрудничеством с проверенными временем поставщиками. При любой проблеме с вашим зарядным устройством, вы можете всегда рассчитывать на нашу оперативную и квалифицированную помощь.

From ElphelWiki We tried SATA Mini PCIe SSD FPM64GRSE purchased from Newegg for EEE PC 1000 — it turned out not to be compatible with that model works with some other EEE PCs . This SSD has SATA connected to the PCIe connector not a part of the standard , there is JMicron JMF601 SATA II Flash controller also has USB port on board. Realizing that this board will not work for the EEE and the compatible non-SATA SSD for the EEE PC 1000 is much slower we decided to try that board with the camera as if it works it will be possible to fit it inside the camera body — 64GB, faster than most CF cards and not having the DMA problem of most CF cards.

Compared to the ASUS Eee PC 1025C-GRY041S which scored 765 and lasted only 3:33hr due to a three-cell battery it s clear that overall the D270 was well ahead. The AOD270 s build quality is reasonable overall and while quiet the speakers are good enough for watching cats on YouTube. The screen is decent but it isn t as bright as the ASUS s.

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